How Having Our Own USDA-Approved Facility Makes a Difference for You

One of the many things that sets Strive Superfoods apart is our approach to authenticity and total transparency by making all of our products in our own USDA-approved facility (which makes us unique), and by providing the volume and variety of organic superfoods per serving that no one else does. Every USDA certified organic ingredient is listed on the label – with no “proprietary blend” in sight. We eliminate the guesswork from you getting your greens by providing transparency, by inviting you to visit us where our products are made, by communicating why ingredients have been used and their intended purposes, by providing the greatest variety and greatest volume per serving – so you know exactly why the product has been made, where your product was made, who made your product, and what you are putting in your body.

Key Features of Strive Superfoods Products:

  • Organic, Plant-based, superfoods
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Paleo and keto-friendly
  • Fully transparent product label
  • Most nutrient-dense organic whole foods possible in their most absorbable forms
  • A refreshingly great taste
  • Made in the USA at Strive Superfoods USDA-certified microplant using only USDA certified organic ingredients

Strive Superfoods provides three organic adaptogen-rich superfood blends to meet daytime and nighttime needs. The morning and any time of day green blends boost energy during the daytime, while the nighttime blend supports rest and recovery at night.

Healthy Bundle Details

Lack of sleep, being stuck at a desk, too many late nights, over-exposure to the sun, and an unbalanced diet – each of these healthy lifestyle obstacles can affect your body and lead to signs of early aging.  Strive Superfoods products can help you overcome these health obstacles.

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