Live Healthier, Stronger, and Longer with Strive Superfoods
Made to Help You Chase and Live Your Dreams

Live Healthier, Stronger, and Longer with Strive Superfoods
Made to Help You Chase and Live Your Dreams

Know Whole Body Support with Strive Superfood Products

Nobody knows better than your own body what it needs on any given day. That’s why we’ve created adaptogen-rich organic whole superfood blends to provide your body systems the plant-based nutrients, minerals and micronutrients it needs to perform its best, whether recovering from a long workout, or a week hiking on trails, or the strain of day after day working at your job, or if you are fending off a virus you have been exposed to, our products help provide the necessary nutritional support for your body system needs. 

Strive Superfoods provides three organic and adaptogen-rich superfood blends to meet daytime and nighttime needs. Our daytime blends contain superfoods that are resveratrol-rich to help support health and promote longevity. Our morning and pre-workout Mojo Risin as well as our Buck Naked Greens are anytime of day mixes to boost your energy and promote optimum body system performance.  

Get Your Mojo Risin'

Crutching on too much coffee and caffeine to get you up and keep you going? Fatigued by too many to-dos that all need to get done? Living a life of chronic stress tied to a busy schedule with non-stop activities that have you feeling anxious, depleted and distracted before you even begin your day? That’s caffeine addiction plus brain fog tied to daily living with chronic stress you’re experiencing, and we have a solution. 

Strive Superfoods Mojo Risin’ helps clear your head with adaptogen-rich nutrients that reduce the effects of stress while supporting focus, attention, and mental function. Strive doesn’t stop there. Our unique formula also includes resveratrol-rich superfoods that help protect the cells in your body from damage, and help reduce inflammation, two things that help defend against the onset of chronic diseases like cancer, or heart disease while also providing healthy aging support to promote longevity. 

Keep your Mojo Risin’ with Strive’s blend of plant-based vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients to support optimal body system performance while providing whole body energy without the caffeine crash. Whether starting your day or about to take on a workout, or when you need extra juice and clarity for a meeting, a run or climb, to study or take a test, Mojo Risin’ helps get and keep your mind clear and focused and your energy up by delivering organic adaptogen-rich superfoods. 

Mojo Risin’ provides optimal amounts of key ingredients to create an excellent foundation to start your day or begin a workout, and to support overall good health… 


Time to Get Buck Naked

You ain’t really been naked till you’ve gone Buck Naked before the eyes of the world! 

Unashamed, proud as a matter of fact of our no-frills whole superfood blends because we know size and nutrient variety matter, we’ve gone Buck Naked wild on our greens to deliver you the most comprehensive, plant-based, organic nutrition completion product available! 

Buck Naked Greens delivers a comprehensive approach to foundational nutrition, with the added focus of supporting healthy aging. Strive’s unique formula combines the highest-quality sources of plant-based nutrition rich with adaptogens that support a healthy stress response and adrenal function. The resveratrol-rich antioxidant blend in Buck Naked Greens boosts the body’s defenses against oxidative damage while supporting your body systems with an adaptogen-rich botanical and mushroom blend that diminishes the effects of stress and inflammation while promoting optimal immune, cognitive, digestive and cardiovascular function.

Whether you’re at the airport, on a road trip, at the gym, kayaking Class IV rapids on a remote river trip, climbing a mountain, studying hard for exams, or at the office managing a large workload, each scoop of Buck Naked Greens nutrient-dense and low-carb serving provides an ideal nutrition completion solution for people interested in supporting their health, whatever diet followed, from keto to paleo to vegan and all diets in between, we’ve got you covered….   


Get Mellow as the Moon on a Warm Summer Night

To help keep you from tossing the covers because your mind’s turning thoughts into worries till you feel like howling at the lunar orb, we’ve formulated Mellow Moon Mylk to help relieve mental, emotional and physical stress to help rejuvenate your brain and body systems during deep restful recovery sleep. 

With a unique blend of organic adaptogen-rich superfood ingredients, amino acids, minerals, CBD and Melatonin,  Mellow Moon Mylk promotes and supports the deepest levels of whole-body relaxation and brain recovery, so you wake up feeling energized, vibrant, alert and ready to take on the day to chase and live your dreams.

All Strive Superfoods products are formulated to promote and support optimal body system performance while helping you get into and maintain a healthy and natural circadian rhythm.  Mellow Moon Mylk lays the foundation to support that healthy daytime good energy for activity to nighttime rest for recovery wake and sleep cycle. 

Calming, soothing and delicious, unwind for bedtime with Mellow Moon Mylk to get deep recovery sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Strive’s delicious blend of organic adaptogen-rich superfoods combined with sleep and recovery supporting amino acids and minerals to promote nutrient absorption for optimal effect, all blended together with flavorful and soothing cashew milk, chamomile and rooibos non-caffeinated tea is wholly unique, and exceptionally effective.

Mellow Moon helps you make dreams worth chasing by getting into and maintaining a healthy sleep and wake cycle, your optimized circadian rhythm… 

Strive Powdered Superfoods

One of the many things that sets Strive Superfoods apart is our approach to authenticity and transparency. We strive to keep it real, and to be clear. We make all of our products in our own USDA-approved facility in Sandy Springs, GA, our micro-plant. This makes us unique. You will be hard-pressed to find one of our competitors that actually makes what they sell to you. That is a fact. Generally, as in almost always, the product you buy from one of our competitors was designed and made by a third party. That means that competitor is basically a marketing firm. That means they aren’t being real, or transparent with you. We actually invite you in to visit with us and see where we formulate, test and make the products we sell to you.  We’re happy to sit down at our cafe next door with you, have a plant-based meal and make a special drink with one of our mixes for you to enjoy. What competitor that we have can say that, and actually mean it? 

We strive to provide more volume of organic superfoods per serving, and to provide the greatest variety of organic superfood ingredients. We strive to give you more for less cost. We can do this because we actually make the products. We only use USDA certified organic ingredients. Every USDA certified organic ingredient we use is listed on the label – with no “proprietary blend” claims made. We eliminate the guesswork from you getting your greens, superfruits and superfoods by providing transparency, by inviting you to visit us where our products are made, by communicating why ingredients have been utilized and the intended purposes of using those ingredients, by providing the greatest variety and greatest volume per serving, all so you know exactly why the product has been made, where and by whom your product has been made, and most importantly so you know what you are putting into your body and why.     

Key Features of Strive Superfoods Products:

  • Organic, plant-based superfoods
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Paleo and keto-friendly
  • Fully transparent product label with clean organic ingredients
  • Most nutrient-dense organic whole foods possible in their most absorbable forms
  • A refreshingly great taste
  • Made in the USA at Strive Superfoods USDA-certified micro-plant using only USDA certified organic ingredients

Strive Superfoods Gives More Value for Less Cost

Strive Superfoods delivers the highest value for the lowest cost there is. We are able to do this because we make our own products, so we can provide you:

  • More organic superfood variety than anyone else
  • More adaptogen-rich organic superfoods than anyone else
  • More resveratrol-rich organic superfoods than anyone else
  • More superfoods per serving than anyone else
  • On a per-serving basis, Strive delivers this value for the same cost or less than the competition.

Our unique approach of combining a wide variety of superfoods and stacking superfood ingredients across blends to ensure an essential variety and daily optimum quantity of organic plant-based whole superfoods is one of the many things that sets Strive Superfoods apart.

*Visit each Strive products page to view the comparisons of: Mojo Risin’, Buck Naked Greens, Mellow Moon Mylk vs the competition. 

Our "Essential 18" Adaptogen-Rich Superfoods in all 3 Products

In alphabetical order, the following 18 adaptogen-rich organic whole superfood ingredients are in all three Strive Products: 

Amla, Ashwaganda Root, Astragalus, Bacopa Monnieri, Baobab Fruit, Boswella Serrata, Cats Claw Bark, Catuaba, Echinacea, Elderberry, Ginger, Holy Basil, Moringa Leaf, Maca Root, Maqui Berry, Mucuna Prurien, Noni Fruit, and Sea Buckthorn.

We use 94 organic superfood ingredients to make the three core Strive Superfoods products. All three core products contain 20% of the same ingredients, our “Essential Eighteen” organic superfood ingredients.  We do this to ensure that you get these beneficial, health-important superfoods.  If you take all three Strive Superfoods products, you get a daily blended quantity of supportive superfoods that studies on these various superfoods have shown contribute to positive body system performance. 

  • 15 of these Essential Eighteen superfoods are considered “Primary Adaptogens”: Amla, Ashwaganda Root, Astragalus, Bacopa Monnieri, Baobab Fruit, Boswella Serrata, Cats Claw Bark, Elderberry, Ginger, Holy Basil, Moringa Leaf, Maca Root, Mucuna Prurien, Noni Fruit, and Sea Buckthorn.
  • 3 of these Essential Eighteen superfoods are considered “Secondary Adaptogens”: Catuaba, Echinacea, *Maqui Berry (though Maqui Berry may very well be graduated to Primary Adaptogen as more studies are done on this incredible superfood)

Secondary Adaptogens have Adaptogen Properties and help support the performance of the Primary Adaptogens. Secondary Adaptogens may over time be considered Primary Adaptogens as more studies are performed on these superfoods. 

More Adaptogen-Rich Superfoods Added to Each Blend
Delivers Additional Body System and Time of Day Benefits

In addition to the “Essential 18” superfoods common to all three core products, Strive adds in additional superfoods to provide specific benefits for  that Strive product depending on time of day and intended use of that product. Many of these additional organic superfoods are also considered Primary or Secondary adaptogens, and many of these additional adaptogen-rich superfoods are used in at least 2 blends, like the seven adaptogen-rich mushrooms: Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Shitake, and Turkey Tail used in both the Mojo Risin’ and Buck Naked Greens.

Mojo Risin’

  • Including the “Essential Eighteen”,  29 of the 48 organic superfood ingredients in our Mojo Risin’ are considered Primary or Secondary “Adaptogens”. That is fully 60% of the ingredients in the Mojo Risin’ are either organic botanical adaptogens or organic mushroom adaptogens. The remaining 19 ingredients are considered organic superfoods.

Buck Naked Greens

  • Including the “Essential Eighteen”, 34 of the 80 organic superfood ingredients in Buck Naked Greens are either Primary or Secondary “Adaptogens”. That is 43% of the organic superfood ingredients in Buck Naked Greens are either botanical adaptogens or organic mushroom adaptogens. The remaining 46 ingredients are considered organic superfoods.

Mellow Moon Mylk

  • Including the “Essential Eighteen”, 24 of the 46 organic superfood ingredients in Mellow Moon Mylk are either Primary or Secondary “Adaptogens”. That is fully 52% of the ingredients in the Mellow Moon Mylk are either organic botanical adaptogens or organic mushroom adaptogens. The remaining 22 ingredients are considered organic superfoods.

*Go to each product page to see a listing of which organic superfoods support specific body systems to provide healthy benefits

What are Adaptogens and Why They Matter?

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that support the body’s processes of responding to various forms of stress, from environmental to emotional / psychological and physical.  Your body and mind seek to be in balance. Adaptogens promote body and mind harmony and balance by resisting the effects of physical and emotional stressors. Adaptogens assist your whole body’s efforts to find, open and maintain paths to harmony and balance.  In addition to supporting healthy responses to environmental, emotional and physical stresses, the adaptogen-rich organic superfoods Strive utilizes provide:

  • Support for mental and physical endurance and recovery
  • The benefit of balanced brain chemicals to support a calm, healthy outlook and sense of well-being
  • Support for adrenal health, a normal cortisol rhythm, and stress resilience
  • Nutrient support for optimized immune function and response
  • Nootropic benefits that support cognitive function, attention and memory
  • Benefits for digestive and gut health
  • Cardiovascular, immunity and endocrine support
  • Support for cognitive function by promoting memory, attention and mental function
  • Cardiometabolic supportive benefits, like helping to maintain optimal levels of blood pressure, cholesterol blood lipid and blood sugar levels
  • Nutrient support for never cell growth and immune function
  • Benefits of a positive mood and support for relief of anxious feelings
  • Additional antioxidant and adaptogenic properties for supporting longevity and a healthy stress response

What is Resveratrol and Why Does It Matter?

Red wine helped make Resveratrol famous once it was discovered that red wine might provide certain age-related health benefits. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring substance found in, among other foods, red grapes used to make red wine. Many of the ingredients Strive uses are resveratrol-rich, including Japanese Knotweed which is one of the plants known to have the highest levels of trans-resveratrol. Other superfoods Strive uses that are high in resveratrol include: Cocoa, Maqui Berries, Blueberries, Mullberries, Black Raspberries, Acai Berries. Multiple clinical studies have shown that Resveratrol can mitigate the effects of several age-related conditions, such as:

  • By being a natural anti-inflammatory, resveratrol supports the body’s performance to maintain normal inflammatory responses, to not over compensate. In this instance
  • Health-promoting effect on blood vessels
  • Activating a special class of protein enzymes called sirtuins that act as cellular switches by up-grading the regulation and performance of numerous positive functions, including mitigating: cellular aging and inflammatory responses while supporting detoxification and stress resistance, as well as fat and glucose metabolism, and help keep your circadian rhythm in balance while supporting mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Sirtuin proteins are known to support the development and formation of new mitochondria in the cells. This results in more efficient cellular energy production and possibly increased longevity. 

What is BDNF Why Does it Matter?

BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factor – is a protein that helps the brain and body flourish by supporting cognitive and nervous system functions. Strive’s Mojo Risin and Buck Naked Greens blends provide synergistic support for the production of BDNF. 

BDNF provides support for brain cells and the nervous system. As we age, the level of BDNF declines. A low level of BDNF is associated with multiple negative effects of aging. Exercise and appropriate levels of caffeine have been shown to help increase and maintain a healthy BDNF level, which:

  • Supports learning and memory through the growth and development of new brain cells
  • Helps with new skill acquisition by promoting communication pathways between nerve cells
  • Supports cognitive functions like learning, memory, and focus
  • May trigger the production of more serotonin (happy feelings)
  • Promotes the balance and interaction of neurotransmitters – natural chemicals that regulate nervous system functions like mood and sleep.

What is NAD+ and Why Does it Matter?

NAD+ – nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – is important for good health and healthy aging. NAD+ is an important coenzyme found in every cell. NAD+ is crucial for supporting metabolic and cellular functions in the body. However, NAD+ declines significantly with age, as well as from excessive stress, which can lead to reduced vitality. The adaptogens in Strive products promote a healthy level of NAD+ by protecting against oxidative stress and the DNA damage that accompanies that stress. By providing this protection from stress and supporting DNA integrity, we seek to:

  • Promote and support healthy aging by helping maintain energy production at the cellular level
  • Support maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm – the body’s natural sleep – wake cycle
  • Help increase the number and health of mitochondria in cells, thus benefitting mitochondrial metabolism
  • Support cellular repair processes
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