Going Organic Means Going Nutrient-Dense and Pesticide-free

Going Organic Means Going Nutrient-Dense and Pesticide-free

More Nutrient-Dense Means Better Health

The decline in nutrient density in produce over the past 70 years and more is attributed to causes ranging from higher yields per acre due to industrial farming practices, to the decline in nutritional density resulting from the effects of climate change.

Over Two Decades of Researching and Reporting Agree

The agreement of dozens of articles and reports published over the past 25 years is: per lb of comparable produce, from lettuce to fruits, there is less nutritional density in these industrially farmed nonorganic products today than there was 70 years ago.

Greater Nutrient Density in Cleaner Organic Produce

“Reviews of multiple studies show that organic varieties do provide significantly greater levels of vitamin C, magnesium, and phosphorous than non-organic varieties of the same [produce]… [also] organic foods typically provide greater levels of… antioxidants.” 

The National Library of Medicine

“While being higher in these nutrients, they [organic produce] are also significantly lower in nitrates and pesticide residues” 

The National Library of Medicine

Bigger, Plumper and Prettier on Grocery Store Shelves Doesn’t Mean Better, or Better for You

Strive Superfoods helps solve this decline in nutritional density in produce problem available to the public by using only organic whole food ingredients. 

Strive’s dehydrated organic superfood blends retain their essential nutritional values  and provide the variety of plant-based minerals and micronutrients our body systems evolved on and need to thrive. 

Strive Uses Only the Best Organic Superfood Ingredients Our Planet has to Offer

We believe in using only real, organic whole foods in our blends, and never include any processed ingredients, GMOs, additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. We are committed to sustainable farming and food practices.

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