Mellow Moon Mylk
the complete sleep aid

Make this rich, calming, deliciously soothing organic superfood herbal tea with CBD and melatonin part of your bedtime ritual. Relieve stress and slip into a deep restful recovery sleep so you wake up feeling rejuvenated to take on a new day.

Mellow Moon Mylk
the complete sleep aid

Make this rich, calming, deliciously soothing organic superfood herbal tea with CBD and melatonin part of your bedtime ritual. Relieve stress and to slip into a deep and restful recovery sleep so you wake up feeling rejuvenated to take on a new day.

Whole Body Relaxation & Recovery Through Deep & Restful Sleep

Mellow Moon Mylk is formulated to help relieve mental, emotional and physical stress, to rejuvenate your brain and body systems during deep restful recovery sleep. 

With a unique blend of organic adaptogen-rich superfood ingredients, amino acids, minerals, CBD and Melatonin,  Mellow Moon Mylk promotes and supports the deepest levels of whole-body relaxation and brain recovery, so you wake up feeling energized, vibrant, alert and ready to take on the day to chase and live your dreams.

All Strive Superfoods products are formulated to promote and support optimal body system performance while helping you get into and maintain a healthy and natural circadian rhythm.  Mellow Moon Mylk lays the foundation to support that healthy daytime good energy for activity to nighttime rest for recovery wake and sleep cycle. 

Calming, soothing and delicious, unwind for bedtime with Mellow Moon Mylk to get deep recovery sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. Strive’s delicious blend of organic adaptogen-rich superfoods combined with sleep and recovery supporting amino acids and minerals to promote nutrient absorption for optimal effect, all blended together with flavorful and soothing cashew milk, chamomile and rooibos non-caffeinated tea is wholly unique, and exceptionally effective.

Mellow Moon helps you make dreams worth chasing by getting into and maintaining a healthy sleep and wake cycle, your optimized circadian rhythm.

Optimize Your Circadian Rhythm

Strive’s blends, from the MoJo Risin’ in the morning to Buck Naked Greens anytime of day to Mellow Moon Mylk at night, are all focused on supporting and maintaining an optimum circadian rhythm, your daily sleep and wake cycle.

Research has shown that your circadian rhythm regulates the synthesis of NAD+ and directly affects the NAD+ levels in your body. 

Strive Superfoods blend, Mellow Moon Mylk is formulated with chamomile and bacopa monneiri, both substances known to promote NAD+ levels and to help with getting deep sleep for recovery. Mellow Moon Mylk is also supported with Reseveratrol-rich ingredients like Maqui Berries, which also supports NAD+ levels, as well as all other ingredients in Mellow Moon Mylk to promote deep restful sleep and reduce the effects of chronic inflammation. 

Using Mellow Moon Mylk is an effective way to help optimize your circadian rhythm to support BDNF and NAD+ levels in your body. 

How to Use Mellow Moon Mylk

Because Mellow Moon Mylk’s rich smooth flavors taste amazing, contain no added sugars, and is derived from organic whole superfood ingredients, you’ll look forward to this just before bedtime treat everyday like we do. A delicious cashew milk and herbal tea drink can be made in just a seconds in a couple of short steps by adding a scoop to about 8 to 12 ounces of heated water and then stir, like you were making a tea. If you want to be creative, then here are more ways to to destress with Mellow Moon Mylk to get ready for some good rest:

  • The most popular way people enjoy Mellow Moon Mylk is to warm and then add your favorite plant-based milk to the mix, whether it be oat, almond, coconut or a blend of them all. You can still add in some warm water if you want. The additional plant-based milk makes the drink that much richer.
  • Add a scoop in with some yogurt. If you prefer a snack before bed, then this is a great way to make any plain yogurt taste that much better.
  • You can even add Mellow Moon Mylk into a recipe for baked goods if you want.  

Why Mellow Moon Mylk is Your Best Sleep & Recovery Option

As is the case with all Strive Superfoods products, in our Mellow Moon Mylk we utilize a wide variety of organic whole food ingredients commonly termed as organic superfoods that are known to provide support and health benefits to multiple body systems. Our Mellow Moon is the cornerstone of living in and with an optimized circadian rhythm. We use a wide variety of organic superfoods supported with specific isolates, amino acids and minerals to promote relaxation and support deep sleep. 

Adaptogen-rich Organic Superfood Blend that Promotes & Supports:

The organic superfoods utilized to help destress, to promote a sense of well being, calming, physical and mental relaxation for rest, include: Ashwagandah, Baobab Fruit, Noni Fruit, Astragalus, Mangostein, Maca Root, Holy Basil, Chamomile, Elderberry, Rooibos, Mucuna Prurien, Bacopa Monnieri, Valerian Root, Cats Claw, Echinacea, Passionflower

Rest easy knowing your body and mind recovery is being aided by: a blend of organic superfoods, minerals, and amino acids formulated to provide longevity for healthy aging benefits as well as support cellular repair and recovery. The adaptogen-rich organic superfoods that both support deep sleep, REM, lucid dreams for restful recovery and cellular repair include:  Amla, Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Mucuna Prurien, 

While sleeping, Strive’s organic blend of adaptogen-rich superfoods working to support your Immune and Endocrine Systems include: Amla, Noni, Astragalus, Mucuna Prurien, Milk Thistle, Holy Basil, Catuaba, Japanese Knotweed, Sea Buckthorn, Maqui Berry, Baobab Fruit, Maca Root, Cats Claw, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Ginger. 

These botanical adaptogens [also] help to reduce the release of cortisol. The release of cortisol induces stress which inhibits the optimal functioning of the Thymus. By the adaptogens helping to destress you, these superfoods help reduce the release of cortisol which in turn helps support healthy Thymus function. The Thymus releases T-cells, a type of white blood cell used to fight against infection.

Live healthier and longer by preventing inflammation while you sleep. Inflammation occurs when when your body activates your immune system and it sends out inflammatory cells. Chronic inflammation is known to contribute to the development of non-communicable diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Strive’s adaptogen-rich superfoods that are working to support your your immune system are also active anti-inflammatory agents, including: Amla, Noni, Astragalus, Mucuna Prurien, Milk Thistle, Holy Basil, Catuaba, Japanese Knotweed, Sea Buckthorn, Maqui Berry, Baobab Fruit, Maca Root, Cats Claw, Echinacea, Elderberry, and Ginger. 

Strive Superfoods organic adaptogen-rich blend for sleep also provides support for your Cardiovascular System, from your Heart and Lungs to promoting healthy Blood Sugar and Blood Lipid Levels with: Holy Basil, Moringa Leaf, Amla, Ginger, Astragalus, Noni Fruit, Maca Root, Baobab Fruit, Maqui Berry, Catuaba

Enjoy the benefits of having organic superfoods support your digestive system health while you rest and recharge for a new day.  Moringa Leaf, Amla, Ginger, Astragalus, Chamomile, Echinacea, Boswella Serrata, Baobab Fruit, Sea Buckthorn, Noni Fruit, and Elderberry all provide support to your digestive system.

Mellow Moon Mylk provides adaptogen-rich superfoods that help support the detoxification and healthy functioning of your liver and kidneys. Holy Basil, Amla, Elderberry, Maca Root, Japanese Knotweed, Sea Buckthorn, Astragalus, and Noni Fruit all provide support to these essential body filters that help us maintain healthy blood sugar and blood lipid levels as well as help filter and rid the body of toxic substances while returning vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, hormones and other vital substances back into the blood stream.   

Amino Acids, Minerals, and Isolate Ingredient Blend to Support:

We utilize certain minerals to help support the work and effects of the organic superfoods as well as amino acids and isolate blends, including: Magnesium to support adaptogen blends to promote muscle and mind relaxation for a feeling of calm. Boron to boost Magnesium absorption. Zinc to support depth of sleep for less wake ups.

Amino Acids to Support Adaptogens and Superfoods: Glycine to increase serotonin levels to improve sleep quality. GABA is a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter that enables the body and mind to relax and fall asleep, and sleep soundly throughout the night. L-Glutamine works with the help of vitamin B6 to synthesize GABA. L-serine improve sleep initiation and reduces nighttime awakenings, resulting in improved feelings of having slept well. L-theanine may affect sleep by influencing several neurotransmitters and promoting the relaxing of brain activity. 

We use CBD not only for the chill mood support, but also because studies have shown that CBD with Melatonin can increase sleep quality. CBD also supports the calming and de-stressing effects of the the adaptogen and amino acid blends.

We use melatonin not only to support sleep, but also because studies have shown that melatonin may also help improve cognitive functions.

The Benefits and Value of Mellow Moon Mylk vs Its Competitors

The criteria for the development and performance of Mellow Moon Mylk was for it to provide benefits and value over the following categories: 

1) Adaptogen-rich organic superfoods to support mental and physical de-stressing to promote deep sleep and recovery

2) An amino acid blend to work in support of the organic superfoods to support sleep and recovery

3) A mineral blend to support nutrient absorption for both the superfoods and amino acids to promote relaxation for deep sleep rest and recovery

4) Blending herbal teas with cashew milk powder to create the best tasting, richest and most flavorful product to make this a bedtime ritual looked forward to, cherished and relished.

5) Add CBD to support the affects of the adaptogens and melatonin blend

6) Use melatonin to support the superfood and amino acid blends for sleep as well as to provide cognitive benefits including improved memory support

7) Utilize superfoods that only provide sleep aid, but also support the optimum functioning of your body systems while you sleep, including support for your immunity, digestive, neural, and circulatory systems.

8) Provide large enough serving sizes that actually deliver the necessary quantity of organic superfoods and supporting amino acid and isolates blends that can make a difference for people

9) Provide an organic superfood blend supported with CBD, melatonin, amino acids and minerals at the best value per serving available 

Using the Above Criteria,
Here's How Mellow Moon Stacks Up Against the Competition

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