High Value for Low Cost

High Value for Low Cost

More Value and Health Benefits Per Serving for Your Money

All Strive Superfoods products are made at our own USDA-Approved facility, our “micro-plant” in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Because we source our own ingredients (only using USDA-certified Organic Ingredients for our whole foods) and because we develop and make our own products we are able to keep costs down while we keep quality high. Our competitors can’t make this claim because our competitors are marketing companies that outsource develop and production of the products they market to you. 

By researching, testing, developing and producing our own products at our own facility, Strive provides you premium quality organic products with numerous health benefits at great costs. This allows us to give you high value products at low costs.

Strive Superfoods provides more adaptogen-rich superfoods per product and per serving than anyone else. In addition to our “Essential 18” we add additional Adaptogen-rich superfoods to support and enhance the intended effects of each product while compounding and supporting the health and body system benefits attributable to the Adaptogen-Rich Superfoods.

Compared to All Competitors, Strive Provides More:

  • Organic Superfoods then Anyone Else. Compared to our competitors, our serving size per product is approximately 30% or more larger than our competitors. 

  • At the Same cost or less than the competition per serving

  • Strive Delivers the Highest Value for Lowest Cost there is per gram per serving

  • In addition to a greater quantity of superfoods per serving, Strive Superfoods provides a greater variety of superfoods per serving vs anyone else

  • More Adaptogen-Rich Superfoods per blend than Anyone Else

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