Health Benefits of Strive's Evolution-focused superfood Nutrition Blends

“Healing will occur naturally in the body if the body is given what it truly needs.” – Dr. Eli English, ND, CNC, CHC. Natural Doctor and Superfood Ingredients Advisor for Strive Superfoods.  

The Art of Living a Health-balanced Life

At Strive Superfoods, we have multiple reasons for utilizing a wide variety of ingredients to provide products formulated to support your health, with our serving size of 100% organic ingredients being 30% or more in volume than our competitors. First, consuming a large variety of plant-based ingredients is good for supporting our microbiome. Second, the broad variety of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients from these varied plant-based sources is more reflective of the type of diets our ancient ancestors consumed for millions of years as our body systems evolved and developed into the wondrously capable and interdependent body systems that support our health and well being today. Third, our blends are a form of healthy body system hedging because we each and everyone of us respond slightly differently to what we eat, or drink, (think of how alcohol or caffein affect you vs a friend). The broader the variety of ingredients that provide multiple benefits to multiple body systems with synergistic support and crossover between the varied ingredients, the higher the probability that blend will provide the body system support to you that we seek to deliver. Fourth, by providing you with a 30% to 50% larger serving size we deliver a quantity of organic whole superfood blends that can actually provide body system health benefits to you.


Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, Vegan-friendly, DASH-friendly, Mediterranean Diet-friendly, Strive Superfoods organic, plant-based, low carbohydrate products are comprised of a high variety of superfoods loaded with nutrient and micro nutrient content. Strive’s products deliver the plant-based portion of daily nutrition completion that our body systems evolved on and need for optimal body system performance. Loaded with 100% organic superfoods, from leafy green vegetables, to fruits, berries, nuts, roots, and seeds, Strive’s products deliver a variety of superfoods that provide the mineral and micro-nutrient support our body systems and brain want to thrive.


Strive superfood blends are formulated to provide the daily nutritional and nutrient variety most diets lack. Our superfood blends complete your daily nutritional needs. The nutrients and micronutrients in our blends support multiple body system responses on a cellular level. This micronutrient composition coupled with the plant-based variety of Strive’s Body OPS Blends is designed to help activate epigenetic-encoded memories of our shared evolutionary history to help improve body system performance and health.  


Our ancient ancestors evolved over the course of millions of years, hence our body systems evolved, by consuming the variety of foods seasonally available to them. Their diet was primarily plant-based and was supported with wild game and fish. We also went long stretches of time without eating much at all due to the scarcity of food. Whether in times of plenty or scarcity, the bulk of our evolutionary diet was uprooted from the earth. This broad variety of plant-based nutrition is what enabled and sustained our evolution. Strive Superfoods products are blended to specifically replicate and provide the variety of organic plant-based foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that our body systems evolved on and need today for optimal performance. 

Our DNA was gifted to us. What we do with that DNA Is Wholly up to us.  What We Eat, Our Daily Activities, How We Sleep, quite literally forms us as Body and Mind, forms our Physical and Mental State of Being.  



Your Body Knows What It Needs! Give your body what it needs and it will heal itself, build and rebuild itself, just as Strive’s own Eli English, Dr of Natropathy, says. The Strive Superfood Body OPS Blends simply provide nutrient, vitamin and mineral-dense Organic Superfood Blends that have inherent qualities and properties that have been used for centuries, and have been shown in clinical studies, to support each of your body’s major systems: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Brain and Nervous System, Musculoskeletal, Digestive, Reproductive, Immune and Endocrine (glands) Systems.  Additionally, the Superfoods Strive utilizes have been shown to provide support for: Vitality, Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Conversion of Sugars into Fats, Reduce Fat Storage, Maintain Healthy Blood Lipid Levels, Red and White Blood Cell Support, Reduce Bone Loss, Fight Cellular Mutation, Provide Regenerative Cellular Support, Defend Bodies Against Environmental Pollution, Anti-Aging Benefits, Anti-Carcinogenic Properties, Skin Healing and Maintenance Support, Anti-Hair Loss and Anti-Hair Graying Support, Cognitive Function, Memory, Mood, Sense of Well Being, Anti-Anxiety, Fight Mental and Physical Fatigue, Serve as Sleep Aids, Liver – Kidney – Gallbladder – Colon Healing and Support, Detoxification, and Appetite Control.

Below is chart depicting the the various benefits of each of the primary superfoods Strive utilizes in its blends. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 2.10.11 PM

Just as your body metabolizes each meal, thus making us literally manifestations of what we eat and do, your body will prioritize and determine how and where and for what systems the organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals in those Strive Superfood Blends you consume will be utilized by and within your body on any given day. 

How your body utilizes those Superfoods may vary from day to day or week to week. Meaning, your body may perceive it needs more digestive support on one day, and then may need more Immune System support on another day after you had contact with a person with a cold, flu or even Covid. Or, your body may determine it needs more regenerative tissue repair and cellular support on the day of a heavy workout.  

Strive’s Superfood Body OPS Blends provide your body’s systems the nutritional support and options it needs to support each and/or any specific one or combination of several systems that require extra nutritional support. Strive’s Body OPS Superfood Blends are formulated for your Whole Body’s Systems to Optimally Perform, from Brains to Blood to Bones and All Systems In Between. 

Do we resign ourselves to do the same things again and again that we know isn’t forming us into what we want to be? Or, do we strive to so more? Because striving in life is good.  What’s even better? Living each moment with passion and purpose. That’s what Strive-Stoked Superfoods is about, what Our Mission as a company is about, to provide you the nutritional means and hopefully the inspirational support and motivation to be and live Strive-Stoked! 

Join our Strive Tribe and Become the Artist That Forms Your Body and Mind into What You Know You Can Be to Chase and Live Your Dreams.


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