Our Mission is who we are

to help you live a strive-stoked life

Located in the urban heart of Southern Appalachia, members of the Strive Tribe are well positioned to practice what we preach: From city streets to mountain streams, fuel your body and mind to make, chase, catch and live your dreams. 

A Company with Commitment

We are Strive-Stoked to help people reach their dreams by fueling them with the highest quality superfoods available. We seek to support, inspire, and motivate people to not just dream, but to chase and catch those dreams to live their best lives. We treat our customers with the respect, support, admiration and care they deserve to not just retain them as customers, but to welcome them in as members of a like-minded Strive-Stoked community, the Strive Tribe. By accomplishing our goals, we help make a difference in the lives of others, and our planet. Strive-Stoked Superfoods contributes 3% of all proceeds from the sale of Strive products to support the preservation of endangered species, at-risk ecosystems, as well as the preservation of indigenously diverse and unique cultures.  



We Inspire by embodying and representing what it means to be Strive-Stoked in life.


Live with passion

Our passion is present and palpable in all Strive-Stoked Products and messaging.

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Live with Courage & compassion

Don’t just dream it, have the courage, discipline and motivation to do it, and to help others do it in their own way. Reach that hand out and help others who are trying to help themselves.


live your dreams

You’ve dreamt it, you’ve chased it, now catch it and live it!

Our Management Team

Alex Sellers


I am an entrepreneur deeply committed to nature, human and cultural health, as well as to participating in the efforts to preserve our planet…  


Claudine Molson-Sellers


I am the Founder of Strive Foods, a Mother, and an entrepreneur. 

I am from Montreal, Quebec and call Sandy Springs, Georgia home now. I grew up in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, cross-country skiing, skating on lakes in the winter that we swam in and played in during the summer. I grew up picking berries and eating almost as many from my basket as made it to the pots we used to make jam.  

I love all things that grow. I love moving through nature and living in rhythm with nature. I love moving so much I got my degree in Physical Education from McGill University. I love gathering, cooking and preparing what the earth provides to nourish us so much that I got my Chef Papers at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia. And we as a family, our two children and all our rescue dog pets, love the mountains so much that we journey into the southern Appalachians of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina every chance we get to experience and rejoice in the restorative and healing powers of our natural world. 

To the best of our abilities, at Strive Foods and Strive Superfoods, we seek to nourish, to offer to our clients restorative, delicious foods that are inspired by nature and the many beautiful cultures of our world. 


Chief Nutritionist

I am an Actor living and working in Atlanta, GA. I am also a certified nutritionist. I have worked at Strive Foods for years and proud to be a part of Strive Superfoods. 

I am from Saint Louis, MO.  I love traveling and experiencing all the wondrous cultures and peoples of the world every chance I get. When I’m not traveling, I try to get into nature as often as possible. 

I try to bring my love of nature, of life, of culture, into all that I do in life and at Strive.


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