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StriveLife Superfood System

Over 90 Organic Superfoods Supplying Over 300 Nutrients, Micronutrients, and Essential Microbiome Support

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Explore the StriveLife health advantage

Elevate your health by lowering your biological age with StriveLife’s organic superfood nutrition completion system. We set a new standard in health and wellness. 

Compare us with the competition. On a product by product basis you see our superior edge in delivering holistic, scientifically-backed health benefits.

StriveLife isn’t just a choice; it’s a leap towards advanced, comprehensive well-being.

Organic Superfood Nutrition is Essential for Healthy Longevity
Endorsed by the 100 Year Lifestyle

The 100 Year Lifestyle  is a revered network comprised of over 100 Doctors of Chiropractic Care and wellness experts. Dedicated to elevating health through holistic care, the 100 Year Lifestyle stands as the leading authority in holistic health for longevity. Their endorsement signifies our shared commitment to elevate life quality and increase healthspans in every stage of life. 

Embracing the 100:100 Ethos: Our products are dedicated to fostering a life of holistic health and vitality, aimed at enabling people to give 100% for 100 years and more.

Optimal Cellular Health: StriveLife’s organic superfood nutrition completion system does this by helping people to  become as healthy on the cellular level as possible. We do this by filling in the gaps of what’s missing from daily diets.

Biological Age vs Chronological Age: The hands of time always turn, and birthday after birthday will come and be celebrated. But, what if you weren’t getting older on the inside? What if the candles on your cake, your chronological age, didn’t match your biological age? That’s what we aim to do, to provide you the means to look, feel, and live young even as candles keep adding to that cake.

StriveLife encourages a journey of nutritional rediscovery, which aligns seamlessly with The 100 Year Lifestyle’s holistic philosophy and care.

Discover the Full Range of StriveLife's Organic Superfood System

3-pack starter box

StriveLife Starter Pack: Quick Start to Peak Health

Embark on your wellness journey to elevate your health with StriveLife’s Organic Superfood System.  Presented in a convenient Starter Pack, this nutrition completion system is proudly endorsed and carried by The 100 Year Lifestyle clinics. This compact trio caters to your daily needs: ‘Mojo Risin’’ energizes your mornings, ‘Buck Naked Greens’ boosts midday vitality and gut health, while ‘Mellow Moon Mylk’ ensures restful nights. Perfect for a trial period or as your travel companion, these packs introduce you to our holistic nutrition completion system of organic superfood supplements. Plus, each new order includes a frother to ensure your blends are perfect every time. Experience comprehensive wellness support from dawn to dusk, wherever life takes you

Mojo Risin: A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

Mojo Risin’ stands as the foundational blend of StriveLife Superfoods, where tradition blends with science. Infused with cocoa, cinnamon, and over 50 organic superfoods, its distinctiveness comes from six neurotropic and energy-sustaining ingredients native to the Americas, and sacred to indigenous tribes. Paying homage to our founder’s Native American heritage, this blend represents our dedication to holistic health, blending natural wellness with a deep respect for the earth. Perfect for any time of day, elevate your health with ‘Mojo Risin’, a vibrant celebration of cultural heritage and a commitment to a sustainable future.

Buck Naked Greens: The Powerhouse of Holistic Health and Wellness

Fuel holistic wellness and energize with StriveLife’s blend of over 80 organic super-greens, fruits, and adaptogens. Essential for microbiome support, this nutrition completion power-house fortifies gut health, vital for immunity, digestion, and endocrine balance, thereby enhancing overall vitality. Ideal for any time, Buck Naked Greens offers sustained energy and comprehensive body nourishment

Mellow Moon Mylk: Tranquil Nights, Rejuvenated Mornings

Mellow Moon Mylk is your key to essential, rejuvenating sleep – a top factor in health and longevity. This blend unites over 40 organic ingredients, including Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Bacopa Monnieri, to foster deep rest and recovery. A dash of Melatonin paired with GABA and other amino acids not only aids in sleep quality but also links to growth hormone production, crucial for thyroid health and immunity. Savor its natural sweetness and creamy texture as you drift into a restful night, awakening to a day of refreshed vitality and well-being.

Big Bundle: Your Path to Sustained Vitality

Step up to holistic health with the StriveLife Big Bundle, featuring month-long supplies of our signature blends.  Our organic superfood nutrition system will have you glowing from the inside out. Endorsed by The 100 Year Lifestyle clinics, this comprehensive pack aligns with your day’s natural rhythm, providing ‘Mojo Risin’’ for morning energy, ‘Buck Naked Greens’ for midday nourishment, and ‘Mellow Moon Mylk’ for evening relaxation. Perfect for a deep dive into our holistic nutrition approach, these large packs offer a sustained wellness journey. Subscribe for ongoing benefits and enjoy 10% off, ensuring you never miss your daily dose of wellness. Each first order subscriber gets a shaker bottle and frother for perfect preparation every time.

Explore the benefits.

Fueling your body with the maximum amount of high-quality superfoods throughout the day provides positive benefits for your whole body for that time of day. 

Nurturing Health Naturally: StriveLife's Organic Superfood Nutrition Completion System

Revitalize with StriveLife: The StriveLife Organic Superfood System fuels your health journey with over 90 organic and wild-crafted ingredients across three blends. Elevate mental, physical, and digestive vitality daily with our nutrient-rich, delicious blends.

Exclusive Starter Pack: Begin your wellness adventure with our Starter Pack, complete with travel-friendly pouches and a complimentary frother for perfect blends on-the-go.

Elevate with the Big Bundle: Upgrade to the Starter Big Bundle for a comprehensive experience, including a versatile shaker bottle and frother, ideal for your active lifestyle.

Daily Support, Tailored for You: Choose from our Morning, Midday, and Nighttime blends to boost your health precisely when you need it.

Simple Daily Rituals: Incorporate a transformative health habit in just minutes a day with our easy-to-use products.

Diverse Recipes for Health: Discover a variety of simple, health-boosting recipes with our versatile blends.

Whole-Body Wellness: Each StriveLife blend is a pledge to complete well-being, expertly crafted to support gut health, bolster immunity, and energize your whole being.

Join Our Community: Be part of a community dedicated to quality, sustainable health, and the power of scientifically-tuned, wild-crafted, organic superfood nutrition for an adventurous life.

A Vibrant Harmony of Earth's Healthiest and Purest Elements

Our StriveLife Organic Superfood Nutrition Completion System masterfully blends over 90 organic and wild-crafted ingredients, each renowned for its health benefits. Nobody knows better than your body what it needs. We provide the best the Earth has to offer. Trust your body’s innate wisdom to utilize these nutrients, optimizing your health from the cellular level to whole-body wellness.

Daily Detox & Organ Support

Like a farmer enriches soil for healthy crops, StriveLife nurtures your body’s core organs for overall vitality. Our liver and kidneys are like the soil to our body’s garden. Our blends, with Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Turmeric, enhance liver and kidney health, ensuring every nutrient contributes to your wellbeing.

Gut Health & Digestive Balance

Think of your gut as being the bustling town square of your body, where smooth operation is essential for well-being. StriveLife’s nutrition completion blends, rich in prebiotics and probiotics, nourish this vital area like dedicated caretakers. They ensure a thriving balance of beneficial bacteria for digestion, mood, and immunity, while enzymes efficiently process nutrients for optimal absorption. Tailored for your unique gut health, our superfoods foster a thriving digestive system, which is vital for a vibrant you.

Nutrient-Rich Blends: Essential Foundations for Wellness

StriveLife’s blends are akin to a gardener’s hand-picked harvest, with each ingredient selected for its unique health benefits. Our formulations, rich in over 300 essential nutrients, are like nature’s basket – full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to support your immune system, strengthen bones, and boost metabolism. Each serving nurtures your health with nature’s best, ensuring growth, repair, and flourishing wellness.

Adaptogens & Super Mushrooms: Harvesting Nature's Resilience

Some of nature’s most powerful ingredients come from the dense forest floor. StriveLife taps into this resilience by infusing its blends with nature’s finest forest offerings. Our selection of adaptogens and super mushrooms, including potent Ashwagandha and immune-boosting Reishi, reflect the forest’s robust ecosystem. They work together to enhance your body’s stress management and equilibrium, embodying the strength and balance of the natural world in every serving.

Plant-Based Energy: Earth's Essence in Every Blend

In the same way that roots draw nutrients into verdant giant greens, our StriveLife blends tap into the earth’s nutrient-rich essence. Infusing our products with plant proteins, greens, and super-fruits, our blends embody Earth’s power and generosity, providing a robust source of vitality. Our plant-based nutrients, micronutrients, and proteins provide sustaining energy, mirroring the deep-rooted strength of the earth, fueling your body naturally and powerfully to elevate your health.

Hydration & Electrolyte Support: Revitalizing Flow

Like streams revitalizing a forest, our StriveLife blends’ electrolytes nourish your body, echoing nature’s hydrating minerals. They bring balance and vitality, refreshing every cell like cool, clear forest water. Embrace this hydration for thriving wellness, as natural and invigorating as a vibrant stream.

Dedicated to Holistic Health: Nature's Ripple Effect Revealed

StriveLife’s organic superfood nutrition completion system aims to replicate the profound impact of reintroducing missing elements into an ecosystem, akin to the remarkable transformation observed in Yellowstone with the return of wolves. This event led to unexpected, beneficial changes, including enhanced clarity and purity of the Yellowstone River, highlighting the deep interconnectivity of ecosystems. Similarly, our modern diets and health are intricately linked.

Our blends work to reintroduce vital nutrients often missing in contemporary diets, thereby initiating a cascade of holistic health benefits. Inspired by the far-reaching effects of the wolves’ return to Yellowstone, which even improved river health through reduced erosion because the elk heards no longer lingered along the riverbanks, our superfoods are designed to replenish your body with the essential nutrients it evolved to consume. This can lead to unforeseen and delightful health improvements. By re-embracing what nature originally intended, StriveLife’s blends are meant to elevate your health by triggering a diverse array of positive changes within you, echoing the enriching balance and surprise restoration seen in nature’s own ecosystems.

Strive to be your best.

Rejuvenate with Strive Superfoods. Our products help build better health by delivering delicious and organic superfoods easily into your daily routine. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, over 200 different kinds of nutrients, and bioactive compounds including:

Strive Superfoods help fill these lacking nutrients from your daily diets. Our superfoods system boosts your immune system so you can strive to to live your best life and reach your peak performance everyday.

StriveLife Ambassadors.

Vince Anderson
Elite Alpinist

Vince Anderson has been a long time friend and climbing mentor to us at Strive. We couldn’t be happier and prouder to have him on our team!

Vince is a Professional Alpine Climber and Professional Mountain Biker. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • First American with climbing partner Steve House to earn prestigious award in alpinism, the Piolet d’Or (Golden Ax) for their Ascent of the Central Pillar of the Rupal Face Nanga Parbat, Pakistan
  • First ascent of K7 West, Karakorum, Pakistan
  • First ascent of Direct West Face Makalu II, Nepal
  • First ascent of House-Anderson North Face of Mt Alberta Canada
  • Patagonia sponsored athlete

Darcy Gaechter
Elite Kayaker

Darcy Gaechter is a professional whitewater kayaker, an adventurer, an entrepreneur, and one of the best kayak guides on the planet. We are stoked to have her on our team.

Darcy is considered to be one of the world’s best female kayakers and most accomplished expedition kayakers. 

  • First Woman to Kayak the Amazon from Source to Sea
  • Author of Amazon Woman
  • Owner of Small World Adventures
  • Competed in North Fork Championship 2022, one of the most difficult down river races
  • She has won whitewater kayaking races throughout the world
  • Darcy has participated in and led kayaking expeditions in eighteen different countries

Mason Hargrove
Kayak Champion

Mason Hargrove is a very special person, always upbeat and positive and deeply passionate about sharing his love of kayaking with those he takes out, guides, and instructs.

Mason is one of the best freestyle kayakers in the world, and he just keeps getting better. We are so proud to have him on our team!

  • 2022 World Cup Winner at Ambush
  • 3rd Place 2022 World Cup at Good Wave
  • Jackson Kayak and NRS Sponsored Athlete
  • Member Men’s Team USA Freestyle Kayak
  • 2021 Jr Men’s World Champion
  • Jr and Senior Freestyle Kayak Champion
  • 2nd Place 2022 and 2023 Men’s National Championship
  • 10th Place 2022 Men’s World Championship

Embrace Holistic Sustainable Personal and Planetary Health with StriveLife Superfoods

Join us on a journey towards a healthier, more harmonious life. StriveLife’s organic superfood nutrition completion system goes beyond being a product bundle – it’s a commitment to sustainable, interconnected well-being, reflecting the wisdom found in nature’s ecosystems. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment, committing a portion of our sales to support environmental causes. Discover how you can be a part of fostering a healthier self and a more balanced world.”

Dive deeper into the world of sustainability and interconnected ecosystems, such as the inspiring story of the wolves in Yellowstone, on our dedicated page. Learn, be inspired, and understand how StriveLife is contributing to a global movement for a healthier planet and healthier people. Our commitment to 1% for the Planet is just one of the ways we’re dedicated to making a difference.

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